• Vacuum Mounts are a strong suction cup system that holds items in place. - Uses vacuum suction - the strongest form of suction available. The same item used by Granite Countertop installers to carry several thousandlb countertops! - Safe and security holds up to 0000lbs of pressure and wont crack glass. - It is recommended to first clear surfaces using Stanley Surface Cleaner to ensure best possible adhesion.
  • The Safety Straps are used together with Our Vacuum Mounts to hold items in place. The Stanley® Safety Strap is designed to handle tough jobs safely and securely. Made of durable materials and used with several different tie-down kits as well.
  • Tie-Down Kits are used to hold various items in place. The Kit comes with a convenient carrying bag and blow-melded carrying case. Quick and easy install on the go.
  • Roof Rack is a tie-down system that holds items to your vehicle roof. Parts included: - 2 soft but strong pads - 2 straps and convenient carrying bag. Box Size: 105CM x 32CM x 20CM  
  • Cleaning Spray is used to clean Safety Strap Cups, Sticky Pads and various surfaces. A superior cleaning solutions that is biodegradeable and safe. Use on cell phones, computer screens, laptops and other electronic devices, DVD's, CD's and eye glasses. Also use to wipe down surfaces prior to using Stanley Safety Strap Suction Cups and other products to ensure the best grip.
  • Sticky Pad is a sticky mat that holds items in place for you. A convenient place to put your GPS, Cell Phone or eye glasses on a dashboard in a vehicle. Features: - Both S and XL sizes available - Securely holds devices in place and won't leave residue - Powerful sticky mat for your car, camper boat, office and home - Works great on angled & flat surfaces.